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Chris Bennington

I don't like the terms "growth-hacker" or "digital marketing  ninja." But I do those type of things. I'm a full-stack marketer. Trained in classical brand-building, but I've spent the entirety of my career in the digital media world. That combination of advertising and technology is what excites me, and my unique experience in both areas is what makes me good at what I do.

I've built advertising strategies for fast-growing start-ups like Twyla and Everything But The House. And I would love to help you grow your business, thoughtfully and efficiently.

Also, I'm a normal guy that believes in real conversations with real people, not big agency yadda yadda. In my experience, there is no doubt that small teams create big wins. 


I Like to Build Things ... Here's A Sampling



EBTH is an online marketplace for estate & consignment. A company that has received over $84 million in venture capital, and is currently the largest "start-up" in Ohio. 


Director of Digital Marketing & Media - Everything But The House

In my time with EBTH I developed a user acquisition plan from the ground up, helping the company double in revenue within 12 months, and secure a Series C worth $41.5 Million. 

  • In my first 6 months with EBTH, our team increased monthly website sessions by 2.3X.

  • Within 12 months, monthly e-commerce revenue doubled (1.95X to be exact).

  • Users in Database 2.6X'd in one year, reaching our stretch goal

  • On the seller side of the marketplace, our team 5X'd the number of inbound marketing leads Every Month.

  • While the quantity of leads 5X’d, cost per lead decreased exponentially, to 24% of starting CPL.

  • I also led a reinvention of the go-to-market strategy for the seller side of the EBTH marketplace, with a traditional media approach much different than the tactics used to grow the buyer side of the marketplace.

  • Built a strong digital team that allowed EBTH to bring all digital functions in-house, improving efficiency and brand control, while also cutting agency fees considerably.

  • Set the foundation for a world-class marketing stack. From acquisition through personalized engagement messaging, with endless opportunity to make use of extensive 1st-party data.


Twyla logo

Twyla offers a unique online art buying experience. A company that has received over $19 Million in funding and growing. 

Director of Customer Acquisition & Media - Twyla

I currently work with Twyla, where we are changing the way art is purchased. Twyla is a Google Ventures funded company. 

  • E-commerce revenue is already growing month over month ... more to come.


Side Projects & Clients

United Faith Mortgage

We partnered with P48 Marketing, a traditional media agency, to deliver a cross-channel acquisition campaign for a quickly growing national mortgage brand. The integrated campaign consisted of broadcast, search marketing, social media advertising, display retargeting & content creation. Our team handled all digital aspects of the campaign. 

  • Began as a 3 market test; quickly expanded to 9 markets due to success.

  • Overall lead volume increased by 5X versus prior agency, with a lower media investment.

  • Efficiency is king. Cost/lead came in under $50/lead. Original goal was $200/lead.

  • Client had to double sales staff within 3 months of campaign launch. For real.