There are at least 5,000 ways to improve any website, most of which are subjective, but who has time for that? Here are 4 simple improvements that will immediately increase user engagement on your site. Your site already draws traffic, now it's time to make sure those visitors are turning into real customers. 

1.       Improved call to action. Depending on your type of business, call to actions can vary immensely. However, Non E-commerce sites are often looking for simple lead capture. My rule of thumb is to create lead capture forms with no more than 4 blanks and strong phrasing on the “submit” button. Many recommend using first person phrasing over 3rd person. “My trial” over “your trial” etc. There are many opinions on color schemes, placement, and layout. But there are a few basics that are for the most part consensus.

  • Layout – The page layout should dictate how the user interacts, and point the user to take the action that is most desired. For many B2B sites or blogs this is the above mentioned contact form. Create content (include images and video!) that informs quickly and points the user to an action that immediately follows on the page.
  • Placement – The best placement for most sites will be on the right rail, just at the break. The reason? Users quickly read web pages in a ‘Z’ a scan across the top seeing the title, included image, tag-line, then back across the page to check out the meat of the content. This content will hopefully tell the user that he is in the right place and build your brand as an expert on the topic. The eyes then drift to the bottom right corner, where a call to action is waiting.
Contact Page from Music City Unsigned. Simple, Informal, and intriguing. 

Contact Page from Music City Unsigned. Simple, Informal, and intriguing. 

2.       Create Branded, shortened title tags that are concise and include most important keyword phrases and/or relevant products. These title tags are the first thing that an individual reads when finding your website on a search engine. Here is an example of the SERP result for the contact page on this site.

This should be done on our home page IMMEDIATELY and then move on to high traffic pages and product/service pages. This title tag (and equally important meta description) can significantly increase Click-Through-Rates (CTR) in search results. Higher CTR means more visitors to your site, and thanks to a concise title tag and description, these visitors know what they are getting into once they get there. 

3.       Shareable Content on your Blog. Creating content is time consuming, but here is a good place to start. Take intriguing content that is in long-form on your site or on a physical marketing piece. Condense that content into a short, informative, probably “dumbed down” blog post. Make sure this post is written to an audience that is not an expert on your products. This is a great starting point for creating more relevant content quickly. It will get you thinking down the right path as you attempt to integrate a more strategic content strategy. Syndicate this post by using social media outlets, partners, distributors, sales team, etc. While syndicating this post, set yourself up a pipeline of outlets to disperse content in the future. Use your resources to get this information in front of eyes!

PS – More info to come about creating and syndicating content.


4.       Include a strong “Page tagline” to let new visitors know what your site is all about immediately. I hope this has been done on your site already, but unfortunately that is not always the case. Far too many sites lack this type of phrasing and users cannot quickly decipher what they are looking at. This causes many to hit the dreaded back button and move on to the next link. An intriguing page tagline to go with a title image captures the interest of a visitor immediately. This causes users to scroll the page and even browse around the site further, increasing the odds of conversion. 

Home Page Image and Tagline for Delap CPA

Home Page Image and Tagline for Delap CPA

Take the time to look at your website and see how users interact. Increasing the engagement of visitors will create more leads and more loyal customers. Why have a website if it is not acting as a 24/7 sales superstar?