Search marketing has the potential to expand your business in ways other marketing channels cannot.  The optimal scenario is a search marketing program that includes both organic search and paid search. However, dipping your toes in the Pay-per-click (PPC) waters is often a good place to start. Below are a few reasons why your business should start with Google Adwords.

  1. Agile and Responsive
    • PPC advertising can and should be modified frequently. Keyword Targets, Locations, and Budget can be changed quickly. Each week or month, Ad spend can be shifted to the areas that are performing well.  This enables the marketer to focus efforts towards wins and decrease the budget on nonperforming areas. Eventually this leads to a very refined process.
    • While SEO provides incredible potential for business growth, it takes time and substantial effort to get rolling. It can take a few months and many hours of work to realize that a keyword phrase is underperforming. Because of this, Pay-per-click acts as a great testing ground for product categories and keyword phrases.
  2. Instant Results
    • Using Google AdWords is lighter fluid on the fire that is your website. Throw some money at the right keyword phrases and your website will instantly gain new clicks and visitors. Keep in mind this does not guarantee the right kind of visitors, which is why this is just a starting point.
  3. Guaranteed Traffic
    • A PPC campaign that targets profitable keywords in the right locations guarantees that individuals looking for the products you offer will be visiting your site. Buying an Ad guarantees you a piece of precious real estate at the top of a SERP.
    • SEO can bring these visitors, and a larger number of visitors, in the long run. However, it can take 6 months and longer to rank for these keywords, and a top ranking is not guaranteed. There will be increasingly more competition for organic search rankings, so don't wait too long to get started.
  4. Low Risk
    • In an AdWords campaign, the budget is only used each time an individual clicks on an Ad. Due to this fact, there is little risk in throwing away marketing dollars. Many businesses spend expensive retainers for SEO service that is implemented poorly, and thus does not create results. If you have a tight budget, PPC is a safe bet.
  5. Location Targeting
    • The Google AdWords program has a number of great features that allow the marketer to specifically target prospects. Ad campaigns can be built to target nationwide, specific states, cities, counties, mileage radius etc. This allows your business to target unique products to different geographical locations.

Overall, a pay-per-click campaign is a great way to get started in the digital space. Think of SEO as a locomotive on a track heading in one direction, while PPC advertising is a bicycle that can quickly change directions and navigate through traffic. If your business is not ready to dive head first into a new organic search strategy, do some keyword testing in Google Adwords. Once a baseline is established for which areas are converting on the web, you will be ready to start that runaway freight train.