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Strategy; Media Planning; Conversion Optimization

We executed a number of digital media campaigns for Twyla, a growing startup in the GV portfolio, that is changing the way art is bought online. One of these buzz-worthy campaigns was titled, "Art Connects Us." A campaign that brought in quite a bit of hardware, including a Platinum dotCOMM award for Digital Branding/Marketing.

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Making A Splash ... A 400% Growth Type of Splash

Over the course of 6 months building strategic media campaigns for Twyla, we focused on popular, scalable channels including Instagram Advertising, Facebook Advertising, and Search Engine Marketing. In that time we have helped Twyla increase monthly top of funnel conversions (Customer Sign-Ups) by 3X and more importantly increase monthly lower funnel conversions (Add to Carts) by 4.1X! These wins were created without significant increases to budget, talk about improved efficiency.



Strategy; Paid Search; Closed Loop Reporting & Analytics

United Faith Mortgage is a quickly growing arm of United Mortgage Corp. With a strong family-centered message, UFM has grown from just a couple of markets, to a nationwide presence. Through that transition, B Squared Brands and our friends at P48 Marketing have led the way. Helping UFM build thoughtful omni-channel marketing campaigns to reach families through radio, search engine marketing, social media, and more.


Ready to Grow the Right Way

For many companies, figuring out how to grow efficiently is difficult. Anyone can buy a handful of tv spots, but are they turning into real customers? What's my ROI? Am I even seeing a return? We helped UFM answer these difficult questions. When you know which channels are performing well for your business, you now have the key to the growth ignition. With our new-found data as a guide, we led UFM to month over month growth in marketing qualified leads, 6 months in a row (and still counting). 



Digital Media Lead; Paid Social; Growth Marketing

Chris personally worked at EBTH for 1.5 years, as the Director of Digital Marketing, leading efforts across all acquisition channels. Everything But The House is a quickly growing online marketplace that has raised over $80 million in venture funding. During that time, we focused on growing active users on the platform and of course, Ecommerce revenue. 


Scaling to Millions of Shoppers 

The performance marketing team at EBTH celebrated a number of exciting wins while Chris led digital efforts. Perhaps most exciting was the tremendous growth in number of registered users on Growing to over 1 million registered shoppers ... yeah, a million folks. During this time, the team successfully decreased the CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) of new users. Scaling users while decreasing CPA is a rare feat. The team shifted the focus of performance marketing efforts, increasing engagement across Social Advertising, Programmatic Display, Native Advertising, and Paid Search channels. 


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